Bentley FS250 Floor Standing Speakers - Pair

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Bentley Acoustics FS-250 

The top of the range 200 series floorstanging speaker delivers performance unmatched by anything the competition can offer.

Crisp clean detailed and balanced sound with twinport 4- way rear firing technology for rich, fast, deep, controlled bass. 

4" midrange drivers for extremely detailed vocals and a 1" soft silk dome tweeter which can deliver highs without being harsh or bright.

Experience Sound like never before.


SYSTEM                 :   4 way floor standing double port vented box

LOUDSPEAKERS :  Tweeter: 1" - Mid: 1 x 4" - Midbass: 1 x 6" - Bass: 1 x 6"

FREQUENCY        :  32 Hz – 25.000 Hz

SENSITIVITY        :  92 dB SPL (2.83 V/1m)

IMPENDANCE      :  6 ohm

POWER                  :  50W – 200W
Magnetic grills for a clean, classic and elegant design.

SIZE: 1100 x 370 x 250

​WEIGHT: 35kg Nett                                     

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