Wharfedale Vista 200S Bluetooth Soundbar with active subwoofer

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Get the most from your favourite film, docco or TV drama thanks to Wharfedale’s serious soundbar and subwoofer combo, Vista 200S. Never miss a minute of action, a single line of dialogue or the full impact from every high impact explosion. Vista is true immersion, pure escapism and the ultimate unwind. With a slimline design that blends seamlessly into any home aesthetic, this is the home cinema selection when you don’t have the room for a 5.1 surround.


At 90cm wide and only 6.2cm high, the only thing not subtle about Vista 200S is the sound. Its long and slender form sits unobtrusively beneath the screen without spoiling even the most stylish TV aesthetic. However, positioned at either end of Vista 200’s soundbar – to ensure a spacious stereo experience – are two high-quality dynamic driver assemblies and augmented reflex ports to aid bass response. The result: a breathtaking audio experience that won’t chew up space in your home.


Knowing full well that today’s soundbar and subwoofer combo isn’t just for the TV it’s paired to, Wharfedale have created a highly versatile soundbar and sub experience. Vista 200S has three separate sound settings labelled Movie, Music and News, perfectly tailoring the audio to suit the listeners requirements. In addition to this, Vista 200S is Bluetooth enabled to pair with all smart devices and smart TV’s with Bluetooth capability. It’s a highly intelligent, future-proof wireless audio experience tailored to your needs.

General Description Soundbar system wireless subwoofer
Design Philosophy Metal speaker grill
High glossy black housing
Wall-mount bracket to mount the soundbar on the wall
Custom equalizer settings
Driver Type 2 Full range + 6.5" subwoofer
Display LED
Frequency Response (Soundbar) 40Hz – 20kHz
Frequency Response (Subwoofer) 40Hz – 120kHz
Connectivity 3.5mm / RCA / coaxial / optical / HDMI ARC connectivity / BT 4.2
Rated Power Output Left channel / right channel : 30w+30w RMS
Subwoofer: 60w RMS
Standby Power Consumption <0.5w
Soundbar: H x L x D (mm) 62 x 900 x 92
Subwoofer: H x L x D (mm) 409 x 120 x 300

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