Epson EH-TW750

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Recreate the awe-inspiring cinema experience at home with this easy-to-use Full HD, 3,400 lumens projector with built-in Miracast.
Lose yourself in your favourite films with this Full HD projector. It's easy to move
and quick to set up, so you can sit back and appreciate its bright 3,400 lumens
display. Offering great value for money, it packs in a range of essential features,
and a long lamp life providing 18 years' worth of entertainment¹.

Bigger is better
Feel immersed in your favourite movies and games with this Full HD 1080p
projector, that’s capable of creating an impressive 300 inch display. Bringing the
screen to life, 3LCD technology achieves a display that is up to three times
brighter than competitor products². Its 16,000:1 contrast ratio also produces
clearly defined shadows and deep blacks.

Simple set up
We don't think a home projector should be any more complicated to use than a
TV. That's why this projector is hassle-free and quick to set up with features
such as keystone correction to help quickly position the image. Accessing your
entertainment is easy too with two HDMI inputs (including one MHL) for
connecting DVD players, games consoles and more. With the iProjection app
and built-in Miracast it's easy to project directly from a smart device.

Long-lasting solution
Looking for a long-term, hassle-free and affordable solution for watching your
favourite movies? With this model's long-lasting lamp light source, you'll be able
to watch a film every day for 18 years¹.

High-quality, bright images
Even in bright rooms, this powerful yet affordable Full HD 1080p projector
delivers exceptionally bright yet colourful images with clear details. It's all thanks
to 3LCD technology, which produces an equally high White and Colour Light
Output of 3,400 lumens.

Enjoy the big screen experience

  • Supersize your favorite films, games and sporting events at home

Easy to set up

  • Keystone correction, built-in Miracast and iProjection app

Long-lasting solution

  • 18 years¹ worth of entertainment

Affordable, high-tech equipment

  • Enjoy this Full HD 1080p projector

Impressive, bright display

  • Equally high White and Colour Light
  • Output of 3,400 lumens

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